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Immigration Mental Health Evaluations and Psychotherapy in New York and New Jersey

Our practice offers comprehensive and affordable immigration mental health evaluations and psychotherapy. Our team is professional, compassionate, and accessible. Reach out to us today at 917.300.9949 to learn more about how we can help.

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Areas of Expertise

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Immigration evaluations consist of in-depth interviews conducted by a licensed clinician to provide a comprehensive explanation of the applicant's mental health, emotional stability, and other relevant information that is pertinent to their case.  These evaluations are then reviewed by attorneys and used for immigration cases.

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Our psychotherapy services will help you understand and work through the obstacles you're encountering, so you can become your most authentic and empowered self. With our personalized approach, we can help you prioritize self-care, gain insight into your life, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Location, Rates & Insurance


  • 11-11 44th Drive, Suite A, Long Island City, NY 11101

  • Also available remotely via a HIPAA compliant video platform.

  • Our clinicians are licensed in New York, New Jersey and Indiana


  • Out-of-pocket cost for individual sessions is $150. 

  • Immigration evaluations must be paid for out-of-pocket. Prices vary depending on type of case and turnaround needs. Payment plans are available.


Ready to Get Started 

We offer immigration evaluation services and psychotherapy in New York and New Jersey. Our New York clients have the option to meet with us virtually or in-person. Currently, we can only meet our New Jersey clients virtually.  To get started schedule a FREE consultation below or call us at 917.300.9949 to learn more about our services. 

Tel: 917-300-9949

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